Health Care Start-up Marketing Strategy

QT Ultrasound is a technology company that developed the first evolutionary advancement in breast imaging since the mammogram. After receiving FDA clearance, the organization wanted to bring this technology to women across the world.


Our mission was to launch a direct marketing campaign that would rapidly grow brand awareness and build interest for women looking for a compression-free, radiation-free breast imaging option as a follow-up to mammography. 

Building a Health Care Brand

We believe passionately in QT's mission and technology, and we wanted all women to experience this evolution in breast imaging. However, the challenge was in developing direct-response messaging that was both compelling and FDA-compliant.

We named the consumer-facing centers QTbreasthealth and opened four new facilities within six months in the San Francisco area and Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Brand Guidelines

Once the QTbreasthealth name was established, we created a logo that would appeal to women while also conveying the calming element of water that the QTscan brought to breast imaging. That's how the swirl brandmark was born.


We then developed branding guidelines that would be the road map for all other creative assets including a consumer-facing website, social media, collateral, signage, paid digital and print ad materials.

Display and Social

QTbreasthealth utilized digital media to increase awareness in geo-targeted areas surrounding the centers. This was a cost-effective way to grow brand awareness with a limited budget.

Social media content educated women about the importance of breast screening to help prevent breast cancer and how QTbreasthealth was a solution for secondary imaging.

Real testimonial patients were highlighted in paid and organic campaigns to reinforce credibility in the brand. 

Branded Print Materials

We designed trifold print materials to educate women, providers and investors about the technology and processes at QTbreasthealth. Messaging was refined frequently to accommodate compliance regulations.

Promotional Material & Collateral

Harrison Creative Group developed a brand identity package that included business cards, forms, signage, banners, and collateral to maintain consistency across all creative assets.

Brand Development Result

QTbreasthealth has evolved its brand image and style since the launch in 2018 with a new creative campaign and budget. 

We are proud to have assisted in launching this revolutionary technology that has helped women gain access to safe, comfortable breast imaging.

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