Why you need a Sales Funnel Immediately

If I were to tell you that I was going to give you access to a smart, hardworking salesperson that communicates the value of your company 24/7 and you don’t have to pay a salary or commission, what would you say? YES, PLEASE!!

Every business has the opportunity to have access to a sales professional by creating an automated sales funnel. A sales funnel is a system that you set up to automate lead capture and nurturing.

Here’s what a sales funnel looks like:


A one-liner is a statement that articulates a problem that your customers are having and how your company solves that problem. This sounds pretty simple, right? The problem is that most businesses are doing this all wrong. They use an elevator pitch that’s too complicated and doesn’t offer the solution they’re providing.

Here’s an example of a one-liner. “For healthcare professionals who need protection from COVID-19, Aspen Masks delivers lifesaving respiratory devices at an affordable price.”

This statement can be used on your business cards, sales material and your website. Paint it on the walls of your business if you feel passionate about it.


A website is a mandatory part of your marketing campaign. It’s usually the first thing people ask about when you start a business.

Your website should educate your potential customers about what you do and define your value immediately. It should also help to capture leads when you’re busy helping other customers.

Website design and functionality matters because visitors give you less than 15 seconds to capture their attention before they exit the page. Successful websites use a formula that helps communicate your value. The headlines are clearly defined with the keywords your customers are searching. The graphics illustrate the problem you’re trying to solve for and the service or product you’re selling. It’s also important to show the process or steps to engage with you so that your prospects can see how easy it is to work with you.

Lead Generator

A lead-generator or lead magnet is a free resource that you offer to potential customers to get a taste of what you do and prove your value. This resource can be a PDF that’s downloadable from your website or a video that can be accessed from social media. For instance, if you’re a pest control company, you might create a lead generator called, “3 Ways to Eliminate Termites for Good.” If you’re a hair stylist, you might offer a video called, “How to Create the Perfect Blowout in 10 minutes.” This simple PDF or video would allow you to capture the email of potential customers so that you can communicate with them. When people share their email with you, it’s imperative that you give them information that is valuable and engaging. This is where the email campaign comes in.

Sales email

Once you have the emails of your prospects, now’s the opportunity to tell them what you’re selling and why they should buy from you. They wouldn’t have given you their email if they weren’t interesting in doing business with a company like yours! Give them a reason to move forward. Show them testimonials of other satisfied customers. Tell them how you’ll make their life easier with your product or service.

Nurture email campaign

Not every email should be trying to sell something. That gets annoying and will prompt people to unsubscribe. You also want to add value to your prospects. This what we call a “nurture campaign” because they may not be ready to buy from you right now, but they might eventually.

Give tips on how to solve an issue or improve their life. Entertain them with photos of people using your product or service. Share your blog articles or videos you’ve created. Send a monthly email newsletter to keep them informed about what’s happening in the industry. A nurture email campaign keeps your brand in front of them while they’re considering when and if they want to buy from you. Even two to three emails are a good start to help nurture your audience as they’re “courting" you.

If you do nothing else to market your business, create this sales funnel immediately. For more information on how to create your own sales funnel, visit https://www.businessmadesimple.com/

If you’d like help creating your sales funnel, contact us today. We’ll set up a successful, lead-generating sales funnel campaign so you can concentrate on what you’re really good at.

About the author

Stacey Harrison is an experienced B2B, B2C, and healthcare marketer. She leads Harrison Creative Group as the lead creative strategist. Partnering with small, medium, and start-up businesses, she operates as an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer to develop and implement growth marketing strategies that include branding, paid search and social, content marketing, direct TV, social media marketing, email marketing, and public relations and strategic communications.

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