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We were all quarantined at home for about nine weeks. During that time, the days and weeks blurred together. While I was grateful for the slow down of hectic life, the daily sea of sameness was monotonous. My personality craves change. I needed something to look forward to – a light at the end of this long, boring, tunnel.

As I processed my thoughts about this unique time in our history, I began to think about how, despite all the technology with WiFi, streaming services, and entertainment that exists in our homes, is it so difficult to stay inside?

It’s because we crave human connection and experiences. We want to be able to create a story with the experiences we collect. Days and weeks on end of the same experience are keeping us from developing those new stories.

I think that’s how consumers feel as they scroll through their social media and newsfeeds. They see the same, monotonous messages. Brands showing the same boring images and calls-to-action to get you to click or swipe or opt-in.

But, when a brand really attracts their attention, it looks or sounds different. It’s telling a story that connects people. It cuts through the clutter and speaks directly to the audience.

What is your brand doing differently to cut through the clutter?

What is your brand’s personality? Does it have one?

Or has your company evolved so much that the brand feels like the logo on your business card? If so, it’s time to do the work to establish your brand’s voice and story.

Is your brand prepared as the country reopens?

Is your online presence is as optimized as it can be?

Are you providing a great user experience on your website or ecommerce platform?

Invest in a professionally developed website or landing page. Professional doesn’t mean expensive. It means a thoughtful user experience that works for your audience.

Are you nurturing the leads that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate?

Now’s the time to set up an automated sales funnel that will continue to communicate with your customers and prospects.

Don’t put it off. Now is not the time to go radio silent. This is the perfect time to put the work into building and refining your brand. Your customers are planning for their next move. They’re online searching for the services that you offer. Stay in front of your audience because they’re online, scrolling their news feed, and ready to find a story they can engage with it. Will it be yours?

We can help.

We’ll ask the tough questions that get to the heart of your brand’s purpose. Then, we’ll help develop the important messaging that articulates why your brand is important, special and relevant to your target audience.

Let’s get started. Contact Harrison Creative Group today.

About the author

Stacey Harrison is an experienced B2B, B2C, and healthcare marketer. She leads Harrison Creative Group as the lead creative strategist. Partnering with small, medium, and start-up businesses, she operates as an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer to develop and implement growth marketing strategies that include branding, paid search and social, content marketing, direct TV, social media marketing, email marketing, and public relations and strategic communications.

Contact Stacey today for a no-obligation consultation about your content marketing strategy.

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