Health Care Consultant Branding

A team of energetic nursing leaders wanted to bring their talents to other healthcare organizations but needed some guidance in building their brand. They sought the help of Harrison Creative Group to create their messaging, brand, and website. 


Logo Design

Nurse Tribe is a friendly, hardworking group of nurses from the Midwest and they wanted their brand to reflect the collaborative personality of their team. 

Brand Guidelines

Before developing the logo, we honed in on the messaging and personality for the Nurse Tribe brand to ensure we were telling the story.  Brand Guidelines provide a road map for how the logo, messaging, and graphic elements are used throughout all brand assets.  Nurse Tribe's name helped influence the bold, tribal pattern that is woven throughout their brand materials.

Website Design

Nurse Tribe needed a website to attract healthcare leaders to contact them for speaking engagements, consulting projects, and leadership coaching. We developed a website that will give them an online presence that will fit their personality and brand.   

If you're ready to launch your brand, Harrison Creative Group is pumped to create a brand style and website that will fit your organization.