Health Care Provider Rebrand

Florida Spine and Joint Institute provides comprehensive and compassionate care for the injured. When the company was ready to expand its care into new geographic areas, leadership realized the company’s name no longer fit and contacted Harrison Creative Group for help with rebranding.

Brand Messaging

We approached the project with a long-term mindset. First, we started with an interactive brainstorm with key stakeholders to discuss the direction of the brand. We formalized the organization's core values, mission and vision. Then, we came back to the team with options to name the new brand. After a few rounds, we landed on iRISE—a name that encompasses the hope and care that its providers offer patients.



Brand Guidelines

In addition to a new name, the organization wanted to refine messaging and brand standards to maintain a consistent, cohesive communication style. This was established with formalized brand guidelines.

Marketing Collateral

Updated marketing material communicates the message that the health care provider wants to tell potential patients and other providers.  


Social Media 

Florida Spine and Joint was new to social media and needed to establish a tone and personality for its online brand. We highlighted the hopeful aspiration of returning to everyday activity while offering helpful advice for the injured patient.

Branded Creative

Rebranding doesn't just require the sign on the door to change, it also includes all branded artwork, collateral, forms, business cards, and other printed materials. We provided iRISE with an entire library of vibrant new art and collateral to promote its new brand.

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