Digital Marketing Agency Branding

Crimson Park Digital is a digital marketing firm specializing in paid search advertising and content marketing.  The founder wanted to set her firm up with a bold, confident brand to represent their services.  Harrison Creative Group created a logo and brand guidelines to portray its assertive new brand.

Brand Development

When you're launching a new small business, you need a cost-effective and quick solution to develop your brand. It's tempting to find an automated solution to generate a logo so you can start creating a website or business cards. But that often ends up costing more time and money.

We've helped many companies who found that those auto-generated logos just didn't fit their goals or brand personality. That's because creating a brand takes skill and experience to get to the heart of what the company is trying to achieve. We help small businesses develop lasting brands that fit their goals and personality.


Logo Design

We took a new approach to fast-track the design of the Crimson Park Digital brand because the founder had a strong vision of what she wanted. Simple, clean, and bold were the instructions that led our creative team to develop this strong new brand.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines provide a road map for how the logo, messaging, and graphic elements should be used throughout all brand assets.  Crimson Park Digital's bold, color palette gives them the creativity to tell their story in colorful detail.

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