There’s a fundamental rule in marketing and advertising called the “Rule of 7.” Stemming from an old industry adage, it states that a prospective customer has to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action. While the rule doesn’t necessarily pertain to megabrands — like the one who manufacturers the phone or laptop you’re probably reading this on — it does apply to many small and medium-sized brands.

But the truth is that the Rule of 7 might as well be the Rule of 700 if your marketing lacks cohesion — and that’s where branding comes into play. If branding is a word you’ve heard tossed around, but you’re still not sure how to describe it, you aren’t alone.

What is branding?

One of the biggest misconceptions among entrepreneurs and business owners who are non-marketers is that branding equals designing a logo. While a logo is undoubtedly one piece of the puzzle, your company’s brand is something much bigger. Branding involves strategically orchestrating every interaction that customers past, present and future will have with your business. That means your logo, slogan, color scheme, advertisements, messaging, the uniforms your staff wears, the tone on your social media channels and so much more.

If branding is the initial design of those core elements of your company’s customer-facing essence, rebranding is when it’s time to refresh them. Depending on your goals and motives for rebranding, there are varying degrees of the process to consider, from a full rebrand to a logo or color scheme change.

Why is branding important to your business?

Remember the Rule of 7 and the significance of a cohesive brand? That’s one of the biggest reasons why branding is important to every business. Branding is all about recognition and how customers become acquainted (and stay acquainted) with your business. If there are inconsistencies within your print ads and online presence, it’s unlikely that customers will remember who you are or what you can do for them.

A well-executed brand can also be a differentiator when potential customers are deciding between you and a competitor. Good branding can relay important messaging and highlight the professionalism of your employees. It’s also the foundation of an advertising campaign that gets results.  

Branding Resources

Looking for a little inspiration?

Here are a few sites to check out for more information on branding:




The Balance Small Business

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