Business-minded creative services to grow your brand

Enhance your brand image with clear messaging and professional creative design
Maximize your team's productivity by outsourcing creative projects
Save money by getting marketing projects done right the first time

You're really good at what you do.

But, your prospects have no idea what you do.

We'll help clarify your message, so your brand can grow.

Entrepreneurs often start their company with a really great idea and a passion for helping their customers but without much knowledge of the importance of their marketing, messaging or branding.

As the company grows, they realize that their brand image really doesn't reflect the company or their prospects don't get what they do. The logo design might be outdated. Brand collateral is ugly or sends an unclear message about what your services are. And your lean team doesn't have the time or expertise to improve it. They're too busy doing the thing that makes you money.

That's where we can help. We will work with you to improve the way your brand looks and sounds to impress your customers and you'll feel truly proud of your company brand.

We focus on making your brand look and sound credible, so you can focus on what you're good at.

Here's how we work:
Brand Evaluation

We'll meet in person or by video conference to discuss the challenges you're facing with your brand and marketing strategy.

Messaging Alignment

Our team will create messaging that defines your value proposition and sets your company apart.

Create your Branded Assets

After we align on your messaging, we'll create stunning brand collateral that your team needs to be successful.

Watch your brand thrive

Now that you have branded collateral, a website other marketing assets that impress your customer, watch your sales team thrive.

Creative services to support your brand

Email Campaigns

Paid Search & Social Ads

Content Marketing & SEO

Align with your mission

Your messaging and brand should align with your company mission and values. Let's reevaluate what you stand for.

Clarify your message

Better communicate your brand's value proposition so your customers know why to choose you over your competition.

Attract new customers

Develop a brand style that represents your company as professional and trustworthy.

Motivate your team

When you look good, you feel great. A fresh brand image will help inspire your team to grow the business.

We're entrepreneurs, too.

We make it easy to collaborate.

Harrison Creative Group has forged with the purpose of giving small businesses the opportunity to create lasting brands that stand apart from the competition.

With flexibility and affordability that big agencies can't offer, we scale our team as needed to avoid large overhead and lengthy contracts.

Your needs are as unique as your brand. That's why we make it easy to partner with us.
  • Flexible, short-term contracts

  • More cost-effective than hiring in-house

  • Scale services as needed

  • Completed on a project-basis

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